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Lodge Logic Cast Iron Skillets

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Lodge cast iron cookware comes in a variety of different ranges.  Perhaps most popular, for their sturdy design and economical price are the products within the Lodge Logic range, particularly these Lodge cast iron skillets.

Lodge Logic Cast Iron Skillet


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Even though many of us are aware that our grand-mothers used cast iron cookware much of the time, the imagined difficulty of caring for, and seasoning cast iron has deterred many a good cook from investing in such items.  However, modern pre-seasoned cookware is extremely easy to look after, and requires little in the way of maintenance.  You can see exactly how cast iron Dutch ovens,  pans and skillets should be treated on our “caring for cast iron cookware” page.

Lodge Logic Skillets

The entire range includes skillets of just about every size you could possibly need.  All are pre-seasoned (coated with a fine layer of vegetable oil and baked at high temperature), to improve life, and non-stick properties.  Washing up is best done by hand, but involves no more than a nylon brush and a little soapy water (no harsh detergents please).  If food residue is hard to shift, the easiest way to deal with it is to pour in a little water and boil for a few minutes, and you will have a very clean skillet indeed!  In fact, if you get into the habit of deglazing your pans after frying or sauteing food you will never have a hard to clean pan again.

Small Skillets

Lodge Logic Mini SkilletThe smallest range come in depths of 1 3/4 inches, and diameters of 6.5, 8 or 9 inches.  There is also a “mini” version with a 6 inch diameter and a depth of only 1 inch.

All pre-seasoned, these come with 2 drip spouts allow for easy pouring of excess fat, and the loop handle means these can be stored hanging up in the kitchen.

Large Skillets

Lodge Logic Large SkilletsTo help ensure their larger skillets are practical, they come with an “assist” handle to aid moving the pan around.

Available with a 2? depth, and diameters of 10 1/4?, 12?, 13 1/4? and 15 1/4? these are great when cooking for a crowd.

For bulkier meals that may include a sauce the 10 1/4 inch model also comes in a deeper option, with an increased 3? depth.

Extra Large Skillets (The Lodge Logic Iron Horse)

Lodge Logic Paella SkilletThe largest skillet is a whopping 17? in diameter, with a depth of 2.5?.  Due to its larger size you get 2 loop handles rather than one long handle.

Perfect for camping trips, or large family gatherings it would double nicely as a paella pan.

In addition, Lodge produce square skillets (so no wasted space for bacon rashers) and sloping sided skillets, such as their Chef skillet, or Pro Logic range.

The absolute work-horse of the average kitchen though, would be the simple 10 1/4? cast iron skillet, which is priced at around $20, and if looked after well, should be feeding your family for generations.

Lodge Logic Skillet Deals

If you are looking for the best price on Lodge Logic cast iron skillets the sales are always a good place to start, but for year round deals, check out the full range at amazon.


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