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Lodge Cast Iron Grill Pan Reviews

05.23.2011, Cast Iron Grill Pans, Lodge Cast Iron Cookware, by .

There are four key cast iron grill pans produced by American Lodge cookware.  Read on for full details and reviews to help you decide which pan suits your needs, or view the entire range (at low prices and with customer reviews) via the link below.

Lodge Color Grill Pan - Spice RedLodge Signature Series Grill PanLodge Logic Cast Iron Grill Pan

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All modern Lodge cast iron cookware and grill pans come pre-seasoned, taking the hassle out of cooking in these beautiful pieces of cookware for the first time.  Though you might not use a grill pan as often as a cast iron skillet, once tried the char grilled taste is not forgotten, making them a very worthwhile addition to the kitchen!

Lodge Cast Iron Grill Pan

Lodge Logic Cast Iron Grill PanLodge Pro-Logic Grill PanThe simplest grill pans are the Lodge Logic and Lodge Pro-Logic pictured.  Each is pre-seasoned cast iron that will give Restaurant style griddle marks that add great depth of flavor to the finished dish.

Lodge Logic Grill Pans

The Lodge Logic model comes as a square 10.25″ (with 1 3/4″ depth), or a round 10.5″ (and 2″ deep) version.  Both provide the most economical choice, and may be used in conjunction with a griddle press to really get the most flavor, and seal in juices for your chosen meat.

Lodge Pro-Logic Grill Pan

The Pro-Logic version is a larger 12″ square, but has a much lower height (of only 3/4″ depth) which may be useful if you have strong enough wrists to attempt flipping your burgers.

Lodge Color Enamel Grill Pan

Lodge enamel grill pans offer a little more fun in your kitchen.  A slightly smaller 10″ square pan with 1.5″ depth is practical for most home cooking needs.

Lodge Color Grill PanThe Color range comes in four colors (red, blue, green and brown pictured).  The enamel coating is hard wearing and adds a little interest in the kitchen.  Don’t let the pretty looks fool you however, these are the same hard working cast iron as the more simple looking Lodge Logic range above.

One thing that you should know beforehand, is that the interior surface of the color range, is a black matte enamel, not simply pre-seasoned cast iron.  You might find this easier to clean, or if you are used to simple cast iron you might prefer the Lodge Logic version at half the price.

It is the cast iron heat keeping abilities that make either just as easy to cook with however!

Lodge Signature Series Grill Pans

Lodge Signature Series Grill PanFor an even more beautiful take on the original cast iron grill pan, Lodge Signature range includes stainless steel primary and assist handles.

This means the handles stay cooler to the touch (though not, obviously when placed in the oven), which can make them a little easier to use.

The Signature cast iron grill pans are large, with a 12″ diameter and a 2.5″ depth.

Lodge Cast Iron Grill Pan Reviews

You can view customer reviews of the entire range of Lodge grill pans via the link at the top of the page.  On the whole the entire range does very well, getting an average of 4.5 to 5 stars.  If you are looking for well built, and great value for money grill pans in cast iron Lodge is the brand to choose.

Do be aware that all quality cast iron cookware is heavy.  This is why it retains heat so well, cooks brilliantly, and lasts a life-time.  But, if heavy cookware is not suitable for your needs you might wish to consider stainless steel with an aluminum core instead.

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